St. Paddy’s Day: County Clare

Blackthorn Folly

Blackthorn Folly is a four piece traditionally inspired band performing in the Milwaukee area. We play traditional Celtic and folk tunes with high energy and a ground stomping tempo. Give us a look and a listen!

What’s new with Blackthorn Folly?

Happy New Year 2018 from Blackthorn Folly! The band has performed for many past New Year’s Eve parties, but we have the night off to enjoy ourselves this year. But, we have been working hard and having fun putting together new sets of tunes and music and additions to the band. Follow Blackthorn Folly into the New Year and onward to March St. Patrick’s Day performances…. to be announced!

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Happy holidays Blackthorn Folly friends! The band has been busy lately and changes are in store for the 2018 season! Watch for future information on our exciting St. Patrick’s Day schedule for March 17th, 2018!

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Wagon Wheel Tribute - Milwaukee Irish Fest 2017

We would like to sincerely thank all of our fans that came to see us at the Milwaukee Irish Fest today. It was heartwarming to see such a large crowd of friends and fans there to support us. This was one of the hardest performances that we’ve ever had to do. Christian was such a central part of our sound and the band will never be the same. We, as a band, had already decided that we intended to continue making music, but the support from all of you today really galvanized that inside us. We love making music and all of you that support us and enjoy our work makes it completely worthwhile. Christian can never really be replaced, but we have to go on and carry his memory forward. Here is a video of the last song of the day at our performance. This was an especially emotional one as it was always a favorite of Christian’s. Enjoy, and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and the music in our souls.

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Blackthorn Folly is saddened to report the passing away of one of our band of brothers, Christian Tomsey. Christian was one of the founding members of the band, and he will be missed by us and our friends. As a band, we have decided to still perform at the 2017 Milwaukee Irish Fest on Saturday, August 19th, at 2:30 pm on the Milwaukee Pub Garden Stage. This will be the only time we have performed as Blackthorn Folly without Christian singing and playing his fiddle. We are happy that another founding member of the band, Jacob Davida will join us playing fiddle in our farewell to Christian.

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Irish Music | Irish Culture | Milwaukee Irish Fest

Only five weeks until the Milwaukee Irish Fest! Blackthorn Folly will be performing at the Milwaukee Pub Garden Stage on Saturday, August 19th at 2:30 PM. It will be a funtastic weekend!

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Don’t forget to go out and vote today everybody! No matter who you choose you’re at least making your voice heard. 🙂

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