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Blackthorn Folly is a five piece traditionally inspired band performing in the Milwaukee area. We play traditional Celtic and folk tunes with high energy and a ground stomping tempo. Give us a look and a listen!

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Only five weeks until the Milwaukee Irish Fest! Blackthorn Folly will be performing at the Milwaukee Pub Garden Stage on Saturday, August 19th at 2:30 PM. It will be a funtastic weekend!

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Don’t forget to go out and vote today everybody! No matter who you choose you’re at least making your voice heard. 🙂

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A big thank you to the New London (Dublin) Shamrock Club for inviting us to perform for their Irish Fest today. Such a fantastic crowd and time! We look forward to performing for y’all in the future! 😀

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We would like to thank the Irish Pub and County Clare for inviting us to perform for the St. Paddy’s day celebrations. It’s always a joy to play for you all, and the crowds were awesome! The fun continues today at 1:00pm in New London (Dublin) for the New Dublin Irish Fest. 😀

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Good St. Patrick’s Day morning to you all! Remember why we celebrate the day, and have fun with Blackthorn Folly! We will be at the Irish Pub on Water Street from 3-7 PM, and then we will close out the night at the County Clare, in the tent from 8-10 PM!

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The Irish Nature of Things

Chris will be sitting in with Rory Modlinski on the Irish Nature of Things show on Riverwest Radio 104.1 FM. You can tune in if you’re in the area or listen to it online on

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Paddy's Pub, New Year's Eve, 2017

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Time to ring out 2016 at a New Year’s Eve Party at Paddy’s Pub with Blackthorn Folly! Join in the fun, music, dancing, singing, drinking and noise makers! Saturday night, 12/31/16! The band strikes up at 9 PM and carries on till well after we sing at midnight!

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Happy Saturnalia Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah! Blackthorn Folly just wants you to be happy! Keep the holiday “spirits” flowing at the Paddy’s Pub 2017 New Year’s Eve Party Saturday, December 31st. Blackthorn Folly will take to the stage at 9 PM and party til midnight and beyond!

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Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Happy St. Paddy’s day to our current and future fans! It’s been a long weekend performing, but it’s been such a great joy to see you all out and having fun. We close out our holiday weekend playing at Paddy’s Irish Pub from 3-6 and County Clare from 10-1. We would all like to thank The Irish Pub on Water St, Bucky’s Lakeside Pub & Grill in Okauchee, and especially Paddy’s Irish Pub and County Clare Inn for giving us our first gigs and continuing to have us perform as the years progress. Most of all, we want to thank our fans for coming to see us (even when it’s an hour away)…we would be nothing without you.

Slainte and have a safe St. Paddy’s Day!

A bit of a shout out…

You might have noticed our recent videos — they’re courtesy of Brian Theisen, who studied film at the UWM Peck School of the Arts. Brian works on a number of independent projects in the Milwaukee area, and has traveled to Ireland for both specific and stock footage. Brian’s YouTube channel is linked on the right hand side of the page.

We’re grateful for Brian’s help — which has been gloriously pro-bono!

Check out his other work!

Wagon Wheel!

Another from our last gig:




The Maam!

Barrett’s Privateers!

From our gig last week!



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